Gala Dinner at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC)

Conference 1
The Rainbow Flag over the RCYC.
Conference 2
Toronto's skyline from the RCYC's island clubhouse.
Conference 3
The "Kwasind" approaches the RCYC pier.
Conference 4
The "Kwasind" docks at the pier.
Conference 5
Kenneth Norrie and partner disembark, followed by Mary Bonauto.
Conference 6
George Hislop , Christopher Hudspeth, and Kees Waaldijk.
Conference 7
George Smitherman and Paul Austin disembark from the "Hiawatha".
Conference 8
Douglas Elliott arrives in his Elliot tartan kilt, accompanied by Evan Wolfson. In the background, our Austrian troika: Helmut Graupner, Jiri Pokorny and Walter Dietz.
Conference 9
Rodney Croome (ILGLaw Director for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific), Dan Yakir, and Rudy Ticzon of our Silver Sponsor, Law Society of Upper Canada.
Conference 10
Cocktails in the RCYC rose garden.
Conference 11
President Douglas Elliott and Karl Award Winner George Hislop.
Conference 12
Organizing committee members Bruce Walker and Richard Nagy flank Bruce's husband, Lloyd Simmons.
Conference 13
Delegates enjoy cocktails before dinner.
Conference 14
Doug Elliott and Jenny Pizer share a laugh, while EJ Graff and Jenny's partner look on.
Conference 15
Professor Lorraine Weinrib (Co-chair of the program committee), Patrick Houssais (student volunteer/program committee), Zara Ahmed, Zara's partner Amy Salyzyn (student volunteer/program committee), BJ Wray (student volunteer/program committee), Wayne van der Meide.
Conference 16
El-Farouk Khaki and Lisa Forman (ILGLaw Director for Africa/Middle East).
Conference 17
Mr. and Mrs. Toniollo, Stefano Fabeni, and Rob Wintemute.
Conference 18
Passing the torch - outgoing ILGLaw North American Director Mary Bonauto and incoming Director David Cruz.
Conference 19
The smartly attired Austrian delegation: Walter Dietz, Helmut Graupner (ILGLaw Director for Europe) and partner Jiri Pokorny .
Conference 20
Mary Bonauto, Doug Elliott, George Hislop and the Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Award.
Conference 21
Trent Morris of dinner sponsors REKO Barristers leads guests in "O Canada", accompanied by Toronto lawyer Martin Gladstone on guitar.
Conference 22
George Hislop is congratulated by Sean Grayson of REKO Barristers.
Conference 23
An elated President and a delighted Rev. Jo Bell.
Conference 24
Helmut Graupner (ILGLaw Director for Europe) proposes the toast to Karl Heinrich Ulrichs.
Conference 25
Mary Bonauto (ILGLaw Director for North America) introduces Karl Award winner George Hislop.
Conference 26
Christopher Hudspeth, George Hislop, Mary Bonauto and Doug Elliott.
Conference 27
George Hislop appreciates the warm reception from the guests.
Conference 28
Canadian gay rights pioneer George Hislop offers a memorable critique of the dining room windows!.
Conference 29
78 year old George Hislop reflects on a lifetime of activism .
Conference 30
Presidential smooch - Doug Elliott congratulates George Hislop.
Conference 31
George Hislop and his biggest fans - friend and caregiver Christopher Hudspeth, nephew Jim Hislop and his wife Wendy Hislop.
Conference 32
Guests were treated to this stunning view of Toronto by night as they cruised back to shore.