Opening Ceremonies

Conference 1
Flavelle House.
Conference 2
Registration desk staff.
Conference 3
Julie Michaels sings "God Save The Queen" and "O Canada".
Conference 4
Greetings from Acting Dean Lorne Sossin of the Faculty of Law.
Conference 5
Opening panel.
Conference 6
Douglas Elliott, President, and co-chair of the Program Committee, greets delegates on behalf of ILGLaw.
Conference 7
Professor Lorraine Weinrib of the Faculty of Law, co-chair of the Program Committee, introduces the opening panel.
Conference 8
Hon. Michael Bryant, MPP, Attorney General of Ontario.
Conference 9
Hon. Bill Graham, MP, Canada's Minister of National Defence.
Conference 10
Hon. Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice of Ontario.
Conference 11
The Chief Justice and the Health Minister share a laugh.
Conference 12
Hon Geo. Smitherman, MPP, Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care addresses delegates.
Conference 13
George Smitherman.
Conference 14
Coffee break sponsor and organizing committee member Bruce Walker with delegates Micha Tsarfati and Stephen Ritsch.
Conference 15
Noah Novogrodsky of the Faculty of Law shares concerns with Bill Graham over coffee; in the background Kees Waaldijk and Kenneth Norrie converse.

ILGLaw Program Begins

Conference 16
HIV and Human Rights Plenary Panel.
Conference 17
The Toniollos (Italy).
Conference 18
Noah Novogrodsky moderates.
Conference 19
Lisa Forman (South Africa) - HIV and human rights in South Africa.
Conference 20
John Nechman (USA) - HIV and women.
Conference 21
George Smitherman - HIV and gay men in Canada.