President Biden Reverses Ban on Transgender Military Servicemembers: What That Means in Action

President Joe Biden has wasted no time in seeking to overturn his predecessor’s legacy. Within the first days of being sworn in, the new commander-in-chief has signed a number of executive orders seeking to overturn several of Donald Trump’s more famous—or infamous—policies. These include executive orders to stop the construction of a wall between the

DOJ Yet to Enforce Supreme Court Ruling Extending Civil Rights Protections to LGTBQ Individuals

June the 15th was a life-changing day for Chris Sanders. The United States Supreme Court declared that the 1964 Civil Rights Act's Title 7 protected LGBTQ people against workplace discrimination. While this was the final word for most individuals, it may prove to be a hollow victory for the LGBTQ community encountering workplace hostility. The

LGBT Police Officers Experience Harassment, Discrimination In the Line of Duty

In 2017, Sgt. Keith Wildhaber filed an employment discrimination claim against his employer, the St. Louis County police force. Wildhaber was passed up for promotions time and time again, despite being qualified to advance in his career with the force.  The reason? His superiors allegedly told him to “tone down your gayness.”  Wildhaber’s case is

Proposed Law Could Allow Employers to Discriminate Against LGBT Contractors

Earlier this month, the Trump administration proposed a new rule that would allow employers to make employment decisions based on religion. The Department of Labor (DOL) justifies the rule with “religious freedom.” However, the rule would permit religious organizations that receive federal contracts to discriminate against LGBT employees. Labor Department Seeks to Clarify Law and

Texas Judge Says LGBT Workers Covered by Anti-Discrimination Laws

Courts Moving Toward Extending Discrimination Protections for Gender Identity The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is not typically known for its surprising or pro-LGBT decisions. However, a federal judge in Texas recently held that LGBT workers in the state are protected under federal anti-discrimination laws. Specifically, the judge wrote that "transgender status and orientation [are]