Criminal penalties for committing a hate crime against someone that is LGBTQ

Despite advances in equality, individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans (LGBT) still face discrimination and harassment every day. Sadly, some LGBT individuals are physically attacked, assaulted, and abused because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This can only be defined as one thing - a hate crime. A hate crime is

New Tennessee Bill Allows Adoption Agencies to Deny Gay Couples

In January 2020, the Governor of Tennessee Bill Lee signed a controversial bill that allows some adoption agencies to deny gay couples the right the adopt. While there were several opponents and criticisms of the bill, it became effective immediately. This permitted adoption agencies to begin discriminating against potential adoptive parents simply because they were

Understanding What the Fairness for All Act Could Mean for LGBT Workers Across the United States

The Fairness for All Act and the Equality Act are two bills that were recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Both seek to add sexual orientation and gender identity to current civil rights laws. However, the similarities between the two bills stop there. The Fairness for All Act seeks to also add several

LGBT Police Officers Experience Harassment, Discrimination In the Line of Duty

In 2017, Sgt. Keith Wildhaber filed an employment discrimination claim against his employer, the St. Louis County police force. Wildhaber was passed up for promotions time and time again, despite being qualified to advance in his career with the force.  The reason? His superiors allegedly told him to “tone down your gayness.”  Wildhaber’s case is

Proposed Law Could Allow Employers to Discriminate Against LGBT Contractors

Earlier this month, the Trump administration proposed a new rule that would allow employers to make employment decisions based on religion. The Department of Labor (DOL) justifies the rule with “religious freedom.” However, the rule would permit religious organizations that receive federal contracts to discriminate against LGBT employees. Labor Department Seeks to Clarify Law and

New York Transgender Protections

Under the Trump Administration, the federal government has dismantled LGBT rights across the country. Despite statements of support, it’s clear that members of the LGBT community are facing very real threats in today’s society. Rollbacks on legal protections deny the LGBT community equal rights. Fortunately, some states have made it a priority to pass legislation